A demonstration of the yin yang theory in the 1990s

Spelling and pronunciation[ edit ] Main article: Daoism—Taoism romanization issue Since the introduction of the Pinyin system for romanizing Mandarin Chinese, there have been those who have felt that "Taoism" would be more appropriately spelled as "Daoism".

A demonstration of the yin yang theory in the 1990s

This is a story about a wine with finesse and elegance; about a wine, which actually complements food; about a wine which is ethereally balanced.

I have been acquiring Adler Deutsch Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon since the first vintage, inand it just keeps getting better both stylistically, and as the vines mature.

It also has grown in stature because of the production team, which Rob and Alexis have nurtured. Let me tell you, this guy dreams in phenolic colors. Des, as he is known to friends, surrounds himself exclusively with premium, small-production wines. ADV is one of only 20 wines, which Des has committed to place.

I took an instant liking to Des and was bowled over by his phenomenally accurate, and sensitive, sense of smell and taste. Rob and Alexis, pictured above, are committed to grow the best grapes their soil will produce.

Rob, a former doctor in LA, and Alexis, a creative fiction writer and talented artist, donate percent of ALL profits of their wine activity to charities, which support families needing food and safe shelter. As well, they fund inner-city arts programs.

They keep nothing for themselves.

A demonstration of the yin yang theory in the 1990s

Much as they are not in this for profit, so too are they not in it for ego-driven needs; if anything, Rob and Alexis are self-contained, soft-spoken, and lead very private lives. I put ADV wine in the same class as Spottswoode, whose wine I also buy annually in a six-pack format.

But for sheer brilliance in winemaking, the ten-year run of vintages, which ADV has produced, is exhilarating — because the wine is so sexy, so soft, so approachable, so delicious! And that is not a word you often see used to describe Napa Valley Cabernet.

A demonstration of the yin yang theory in the 1990s

InRob and Alexis bought a worn down farmhouse on a 3. Helena Appellation, thinking they would try to make the kind of wine they themselves like to drink, something which complements food, not which bonks it on the head with overbearing fruit, alcohol, or oak.

They tore down the farmhouse and built a gorgeous home, which has been featured in Veranda magazine. You can read the article about their home here: Aaron Pott, who makes his own fabulous wines and who consults to nine other wineries in the valley, says that ADV has a particularly rich vineyard site.

Des, Aaron, Alexis and Rob taste through 10 years of vintages It was napaman who suggested to Rob that he conduct a year retrospective of his wines so that his team — and napaman, who begged to be present!

The group assembled last week and, for the first time ever, the team -- and napaman -- tasted all 10 vintages of ADV, from through to barrel samples of the and vintages. Let me be clear about one thing: But it strikes me as inane to avoid writing about one of my favorite wines in the valley and penalizing the winemakers because they are friends.

Hell, I have written about so many hundreds of Napa Valley wines over the last 20 years, many made by narcissistic, ego-driven, people. So there you have my admission of self-interest in this wine profile. We tasted 10 vintages of ADV wines I will not provide individual tasting notes on the 10 vintages of ADV Cabernet we tasted, as readers will not have a chance to find, cellar, or try the older, library wines.

I will, however, offer a few tasting note highlights: While there were NO duds, NO imperfections, and NO blemishes, my favorite vintages of the lineup were, and Aaron and Des agreed. Napaman was a contrarian and said so in print. I claimed early on that this was an impressive, balanced vintage, which was going to produce gorgeous wines.

And to put my money where my mouth would follow, I bought many cases of many Napa Valley Cabernets. They are still gorgeous and in many cases, silken and alluring. There are amaro-like bitters and hints of espresso on the nose, as well as pretty aromas of fresh fruit.

This wine has elegance and finesse and would make many Bordeaux producers envious for its purity, complexity and smart grooming. On the palate, the coffee notes rise to the top, followed by fresh red fruits and purple tones, likely nuanced from the Cabernet Franc.

I love the texture of this wine as much as the flavor. I hesitate to score this wine points only because readers will think it hyperbole, so I will resist such temptation and score this wine 99 points.Hours of Acupressure Theory and Technique.

Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 These classes present theories and techniques necessary for effective practice of Jin Shin Do ® acupressure, beginning with 55 main Jin Shin Do ® points, progressing to over important points, and correlating point location with anatomy.

Exact angle of point stimulation is emphasized. Dong Zhongshu (Tung Chung-shu) ( B.C.E.) was the first prominent Confucian to integrate yin-yang theory into Confucianism.

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His constructive effort not only generates a new perspective on yin and yang, it also involves implications beyond its explicit contents. The theories of ancient Chinese qigong include the Yin-Yang and Five Phases Theory, Essence-Qi-Spirit Theory, Zang-Xiang Theory, and Meridians and Qi-Blood Theory, which have been synthesized as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Yin is the receptive and Yang is the active principle, seen in all forms change and difference such as the annual season cycles, the landscape, sexual coupling, the formation of both men and women as characters, and sociopolitical history.

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