Acnb assignment

A contract is said to be a document containing the terms of the contract that are agreed to between the parties. Every contract is to be standard for formation and shall contain the different types of terms that validate the creation of the contract. The breach of these terms shall give rise to liability.

Acnb assignment

Apply the elements of contracts in the given business scenarios below Case 1: In the given situation it is presented that the seller posted the advertisement Acnb assignment the sale of couch in the newspaper.

Acnb assignment

Such an advertisement is regarded as the invitation to offer wherein the seller posts the advertisement in order to notify the interested parties to make the offers. Carol then made the offer to buy the couch by sending e-mail to Acnb assignment seller. She did not hear back regarding the couch.

It would be stated that the contract is not entered into, as the seller did not respond to the e-mail and no acceptance was made with regards to the offer made by Carol.

Danny had got a call from the company for an interview. Devi had asked his father to not involve himself with the interview process. Devi had gone for the interview and was subsequently qualified for the position. He was offered the job on 12th April that was then accepted by him.

The company now wants to enforce the contract. It may be stated that the contract so present is invalid. This is because the sum so offered is for an event that has already taken place therefore consideration of past nature is invalid making the contact unenforceable.

Apply the law on terms in the following contracts Case 3: According to the facts of the case, a couple were out for dinner and reached the restaurant.

At the entrance they were made to deposit their coats at the desk.

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The couple were given a slip as a token to claim the coats later. The slip contained a clause stating that the exclusion of liability in case of loss or theft of the coats or the belongings so deposited along with it. The couple after having the dinner realised that the wallet was left in the coat.

It was found that the wallet was missing from the coat. It may be said that the exclusion clause limits the liability for the loss that may occur. The exclusion clause would be valid but not enforceable. This is because the clause contained under the slip is not part of the main contract and was determined after the contract was entered into.

Therefore, the restaurant would be liable for the loss of the wallet occurring at the premises.


Andrews, Case 4: According to the facts of the case study provided it could be determined that the tenant had invested into the improvements of the property owned by the landlord.

To this the land lord had agreed to make the rent permanent for the next five years. It was then realised that the new landlord had increased the price after the death of the landlord a year later. The landlord now refuses to pay for the improvements or reduce the rent amount as promised.


It could be determined that under the tenancy agreements it is an implied term and duty of the landlord to pay back for the improvements so made by the tenant.Understand own ability to fulfil key responsibilities of the leadership role Leadership is the ability to pinpoint values or objectives which can be reached through encouragement and a cohesive effort through the gradual assistance to the members of the team.

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