Assignment on cognitive dissonance

Connection between self-attribution and cognitive dissonance Please make sure this paper is plagiarized free. Please an introduction and conclusion. Also cite and reference this paper. Where you see benchmark C 3.

Assignment on cognitive dissonance

Hire Writer Then some theorists believe that it could be better understood by considering its routine life examples and how they could be comprehended into a form of science; whereas it could also be studied through analyzing the different forms that this deception could take.

Assignment on cognitive dissonance

Jones and Gerard, It is an act of denying or rationalizing away the present evidence and proof; ignoring its logic, significance and relevance by justifying the act and molding it into a situation which best suits the circumstances. But the question which then exists is to why would one deliberately resolve to deceiving ones own self?

Theorists believe that it is in human nature that we tend to cling to some beliefs, some ideas so strongly through out our Assignment on cognitive dissonance that one day if an action or situation falls against them, opposing their righteousness, then a human would find it easier to resolve in denying their reality than in accepting the bare truth.

Throughout the ages it has been seen that the society makes myths and misconceptions about certain group of people or individuals; which more or less become established stereotypes behind which any common man could find justification of his or her harsh attitude.

One of such example is of how adults continue to blame the innocence of adolescences, how are young adults but they are believed to be selfish, disrespectful, cheaters, and irresponsible.

On the other hand, studies into children behavior have shown how expectations can change human behaviors, children expected to behave offensively, are more likely to get into trouble, use drugs, and create difficulties for their parents, as compared to those children who have the leniency of respect and trust from their parents.

Another myth widely into acceptance is that those individuals who suffer from a loss or accidents such as war, abuse, disease, brutality, tragic loss or even deprivation, cannot mature into stable and normal human beings ever again in life. However, studies such as Skeels, ; Garmezy, ; Richters and Martinez, ; have proven this equally wrong and have stated that what an individual would become later in life depends upon himself and his environment; such a person has all the capability of becoming fully productive, efficient and optimistic like any other individual of the society.

Even such doctors do not tend to consider that at times more than medicines a patient might be just suffering from psychological unrest and would rather be needing some counseling; rather than prescribed help and available clinical data dealing with the patients signs and symptoms.

There is no doubt that medicines cure many illnesses, but the fact that our knowledge of finding cure to problems is restricted to it alone creates the misconception. Thus it may be concluded that deception restricts our thinking, and disables to view a problem in a different perspective but forces us to resolve to a stereotypical view point.

Other than dogmatic opinions and professional and established ideas, one should be open to dialogue and an exchange of communication and should challenge ourselves to finding new solutions.

Examples of self deception Different research and studies by various authentic organizations such as the Princeton Research Department, have added various astonishing facts to the area of self deception. Thus cases of self deception are commonly found in our society. American PsychiatriP Association, A common example of self deception out of the routine day of life, could be that of a parent who believes and trusts in the good part of his child and that he could never go against his rules and regulations and that he would always be telling the truth no matter there might be evidence present which would be falling against the righteousness of the child.

The parent in such a situation is seen to deceive himself into believing that his child is telling the truth because he actually desires his child to be doing so. He believes that a person suffering from this philosophical problem fails to accept the dilemma that his attitude and behavior is far from being normal; and explains it through catering himself in a story where he is suffering from self deception, and is in such a situation that his job is at a stake, his wife and his 16 year old son are unable to cure him, and even his colleagues are sick of sticking under his harsh attitude which does not seem to realize and remains tyrannical so much so that he would go to the extent of annoying and hurting others without ever noticing or realizing his wrong.

The book is a good food of thought for its readers as it provides a platform for individuals to look into their own lives and seat which points they might be going wrong and how things which seem simple at first could be co related to self deception and reason to their lack of effectiveness.

For them it was a battle while for the latter a mere adaptation phase. A study conducted by researchers in the Colombia University infocused to measure the percentage of students who dealt in a better manner towards a failed exam or an argument, were they generally accepting or taking it as a third party effect.

However the research clearly showed that those who were deceiving themselves into a bad situation had lesser problems dealing with it than those who were directly confronting it. Cognitive dissonance Definition and background As any ordinary person could perceive from the name of this psychological disease; that it deals with some diverging thoughts and ideas.

Cognitive which means acknowledging or conceiving a notion; while dissonance relates to contradiction or the clash of something subjective. Thus it could be coined together that the disease is basically about how a person could face contradictory ideas which laterally cause him tension, depression and other psychological problems.

Psychiatrics believe that this disease causes severe mental anxiety to the patient as he is unable to cater to his thoughts, holding two contradictions at the same time.

These two ideas maybe exactly opposite of each other, for example one being an idea through a rationalized behavior while the other would be more of an impulsive manner.

It is also seen that the tension caused by the disease further worsens due to three basic reasons which are: Dissonance is seen to be stronger when we work against our beliefs or pre formed principles; such as if we believe that we are good and socially comforting individuals, but still do something bad which would shatter our principles then as a result we feel cognitive dissonance.

It is such a strong part of our mind that it would make us change or mould our thoughts for its own benefit which ever it chooses to be more impulsive. It is the strongest when it comes down to our own individual level such as ego, immorality, self image and sanity.

Moreover cognitive dissonance is a part of our lives; keeping a multi perspective towards things, seeing and perceiving people and things in a different manner than before, and also experiencing compelling thoughts are examples of it.

As it increases with size and importance of the thing, thus it would be more in case of purchasing a car than a table lamp. It is characterized as a mental disorder and psychologists have derived a vast list of these biases according to which they could study and identify human behavioral changes.Cognitive dissonance is a psychological concept that seeks to explain how human minds rationalize inconsistence cognition or simply how human mind justify irrational behaviors (Grohol, ).

For a student who has not grown up in a culture that celebrates Thanksgiving, the writing assignment, ostensibly on a topic in psychology (cognitive dissonance), becomes additionally a research assignment on North American cultural history.

Cognitive dissonance appeared to be experienced by many of the students who completed the assignment. We analyze students’ reaction to their cognitive dissonance and contend that their frequent use of simile, imagery and other imaginings were devices to .

Hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance The assignment (2–3 pages): Not including title or reference page- APA Standards •Briefly define and explain the hypocrisy paradigm. How does the dissonance in hypocrisy differ from the dissonance in the induced compliance paradigm? Why do the researchers predict that hypocrisy motivates people to.

2 Cognitive Dissonance A person’s external persona and behaviors are not always indicative of his internal attitudes. The environment and groups they associate with can have a direct impact on the behaviors they display.

Assignment on cognitive dissonance

Often behaviors and attitudes do not mesh, and cognitive dissonance occurs. The struggle, a person faces with cognitive dissonance, is a psychological struggle between what. She objects to this assignment but is told that she must do the assignment in order to successfully pass the course.

Therefore, Jayla writes a persuasive speech in favor of the death penalty and defends this position in the classroom debate. Cognitive dissonance within a group may make violence more likely. D. None of the above statements.

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