Bengal tiger endangered essay writer

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Bengal tiger endangered essay writer

Many Species of Tigers are Endangered "The tiger is a large-hearted gentleman with boundless courage. In recent years, the population of tigers in the wild has dropped dramatically. Numerous tiger species are on the brink of extinction, following the vanished populations of three subspecies in just 60 years.

The numbers of these wild beasts are declining rapidly. The original range of tigers spread over lands from Siberia to Bali, and Turkey to the east coasts of Russia and China. The magnificent cats roam mountains, forests and jungles, adapting to a wide variety of terrain.

bengal tiger endangered essay writer

Nonetheless, tigers prefer to live in the underbrush, hiding in tall grasses, and using their natural camouflage to hide from prey.

Today, tigers are endangered in part because they are being squeezed out by growing human populations, but also because poachers continue to prey on the cats for their skins and other body parts, used for concocting Chinese medicines.

Endangered tigers are protected in zoos and bengal tiger endangered essay writer Source What Happened to the Tigers? The tiger was first declared an endangered species in But still, over the past century, the Earth has witnessed the fasted growing disappearance of Tigers - more than any other species.

What is the bottom line? First and foremost, the loss of thick forests has accelerated in Asia.

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Like areas of Tropical rain forestsvast swathes of land are cleared for agricultural production. When this happens, tigers lose their vegetative cover, are forced into inhabited areas for prey.

When they kill livestock, farmers then go after the Tigers. Second, poaching of tigers illegal killing still occurs.

Endangered Species: Bengal Tiger | Essay Example

These criminals are willing to take significant risks breaking the law because the payout is so high. Unfortunately, the price on the black market exceeds the perceived penalties for killing the last tigers in the world. They are often smuggled across International borders, free from the oversight of strained wildlife departments that lack resources to enforce laws.

Finally, the original hunting grounds and habitat of the tigers has been broken into small, fragmented pieces that threaten its survival. With smaller pockets of the wild left, tigers become separated from each other, which results in reproductive difficulties.

Those that are left suffer inbreeding and gene pool weakening, which results in cubs that are less likely to survive as a result of birth defects and other mutations.

Endangered Tigers Source Facts About Endangered Tigers There were 9 original subspecies of tigers In the past 60 years, 3 tiger subspecies have become extinct: Tigers are now critically endangered with numbers hovering between 4, and 7, of all combined subspecies.

All remaining tigers live in small, isolated populations in widely scattered reserves. Yet, even up untilChina and Taiwan continued operating black markets in tiger parts.

President Clinton imposed trade sanctions against Taiwan in because of its role in continuing to illegally market tiger and rhino parts. This is the same year that the United States enacted the Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Act to allocate resources to conservation programs to save these endangered species.

Did you know that, due to the extreme endangered status of tigers, some people are breeding domestic cats to resemble their wild counterparts? Amazingly, " Toygers " are tame alternatives to the wild Bengal Tiger that people can own as pets.

Toygers resemble Tigers in appearance and in many ways, behavior, even though they are not related at all to the wild animals. Yet, as precious and beautiful as these pets are, they certainly cannot replace the Tiger.

Yet, the largest population of tigers in a single reserve is a mere cats. If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a virtual continent of people to save endangered species like the tigers.

Its time to change our ways and stop encouraging poaching of tigers by giving up the wearing of faux fur, or dabbling in exotic medicines. Daily decisions you make can literally mean the future survival of endangered species like the tigers, Giant Pandas, dolphins, sharks, etc.

You can easily minimize your impact on the global community with very little effort. Donate if you can to reputable organizations that are working to save endangered species. Support your local zoo or aquarium.

Toynbee Beautiful, endangered tigers Source What you can do to help the Endangered Tigers Upon hearing grim news about the environment or endangered species, some people shut down. They may think, "What can I - just one person - do? Now, multiply that by the population in your hometown.Bengal Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams have been a national symbol of many Empires in India.

today it is the national animate being of India. India has two-third of the entire population of the tiger. Lord’s Ambassadors Drama And Teaching Ministry is a non-denominational christian organization with a vision to restore backsliders, enlighten believers and also reach out to unbelievers through stage drama, film production and teaching of God’s word.

Endangered Species: Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) By Natalie Hegwein The common name for the species is Bengal Tiger and it belongs to the genus/species Panthera tigris tigris. Endangered Species: Bengal Tiger Essay Sample The common name for the species is Bengal Tiger and it belongs to the genus/species Panthera Tigris Tigris.

The Bengal Tiger normally has a ruddy brown coat with narrow black. grey. or brown strips traveling in a perpendicular way accompanied by a pick or white underbelly. India has two-third of the total population of Bengal tigers.

They are also found in the Sunderbans in Bangladesh, in the terai region of Himalayas in Nepal, and Bhutan. But, rapid development activities of man have made Bengal tigers endangered.

Majestic animals like tigers are killed by the hundreds every year in India. The Royal Bengal tiger is the only type that exists in India and their number is dramatically reduced every year because of poaching.

The current number is approximately 2,, all of which live in tiger reserves. Two hundred years ago the population was 23, (or more).

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