Count of monte cristo conclusion

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Count of monte cristo conclusion

Serdar devises the whole scheme, and figures that it will require four people to pull off a successful robbery. Cengiz was up first in the plot to rob the casino, he was the mole and was working there in order to gain access.

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Ali comes into play next as the ruthless killer on the night of the robbery. Serdar's primary motive was the money, though his love for a good con also played a role. His family was even threatened, and so his hatred for his old friends grew for what they had done to him.

The money would be the only way to pay for that treatment.

Count of monte cristo conclusion

Ali's motive was the big mystery. She reminded him that Ali's own father had gone to prison years earlier, having taken the blame for Ali's accidental fatal shooting of a young boy when Ali was a teenager. Ali's father made his son promise him to "become a big man," and so Ali figured his time was running out, and the casino robbery would give him the money and power that would fulfill his promise to his father.

A second plot comes to the forefront, however, and intertwines with the first. A new villain emerges, more powerful than Ramiz in terms of connections, considered the most powerful man in Turkey, in fact: It turns out that Ramiz and Kenan were best friends 30 years earlier, bitterly torn apart by their common love interest, Selma.

As the second and final season winds to an ultimate conclusion, the plot moves along at a furious pace, with main characters killed off in substantially every episode. Meanwhile, Ezel and Ali catch up with Cengiz at a lighthouse and kill him. Ezel then drinks some liquid from a ring that Ramiz had given him with the instructions never to "wear the ring" i.

In the final scene, a young man on a motorcycle pulls up to the lighthouse and tells the guard "I am here to see my father.

Count of monte cristo conclusion

The audience is left wondering what really happened: Whether that liquid in the ring was poison or not. Whether or not the train scene, in fact, was real or imagined. That all leaves the possibility of a third season wide open, even though most of the characters have been killed off.This essay is an "A range" response, composed by myself for a practice assessment task under timed exam conditions during class.

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