Current trends and issues that affect

Early Childhood Issues and Trends written by: Here are some of the issues and trends that may determine the way we teach young learners in the next twenty years. President Obama wants to regain position as the world leader in college graduation by the year

Current trends and issues that affect

President Obama wants to regain position as the world leader in college graduation by the year State and federal policy leaders are beginning to realize that quality education must begin before Kindergarten in order for all children to have a successful lifetime of learning.

Washington state's Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn spoke about increasing early childhood education opportunities during his run for office.

These state- funded programs are available for all children of a certain age regardless of income or other risk factors. Issues Affecting Reform But when early learning initiatives from public policy decision-makers increase, so do unforeseen challenges.

Child care is a massive industry but the current system is broken. Preschool teachers suffer long hours, low pay and status. According to the U. Adverse working conditions make it difficult for teachers of young children to stay in the field.

Pre-K teachers must be fit and be physically able to lift, bend, run and often sit on the floor but health insurance and retirement accounts are almost nonexistent.

Children often have challenging needs and can be difficult to manage. Yet, childcare is already expensive, and families find it difficult to pay more. Early Childhood Educators must continually cope with families that put inappropriate pressure on legislators and administrators to revise curriculum and instruction.

Some education reformists push for earlier introduction to reading and math and emphasize academic achievement. Kindergarten has become more rigorous and academic, but a play-based curriculum is developmentally appropriate for young children.

New Trends and Strategies Preschool teachers must focus on providing stimulating learning activities, basic concepts and socials skills.

To succeed, here are some trends that will affect the future of early childhood education. This information promotes healthy learning and development. New curriculum is being built around child development and stress child directed approaches. More creative and specific methods of using computer centers need to adjust to student's learning style.

Current trends and issues that affect

Bachelor-level education may be required in order to obtain restrictive allocated federal and state funds.

Federal and state funds may require explicit performance standards, systematic testing and consequences for results. Accountability standards for observational assessments to developmentally appropriate practice must be developed by states to align preschool standards with K standards.

Initiatives and incentives are required to drive education reform. Summary Public policy and education reform influence the issues and trends in how educators will be providing services to young children.

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Federal and state law makers realize that reaching kids early is vital to closing the achievement gap. The media spotlight shines on the establishment of public early learning initiatives highlighting better teacher training, assessment, and accountability standards.

The new preschool workforce must be well-educated to teaching standards based on the latest research and sensitive to cultural diversity. Monetary incentives ensure that all children will have access to a high-quality Pre-K needed to prepare to succeed later in school.


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Current trends and issues that affect

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Early Childhood Education Issues and Trends: Political and Education Trends