Fitzwilliam college cambridge land economy essay

Our results are pleasingly impressive; inone of our final year students achieved a starred first and came top of the Tripos across the University. Course structure The Land Economy course offers an intellectually challenging programme and a qualification that opens up many career opportunities. The relationship of law and economics to resource management and the natural and built environments forms the heart of the course, but other related topics are explored, such as principles of business regulation, financial aspects of real estate, public policy analysis and issues of international development.

Fitzwilliam college cambridge land economy essay

University course webpage Department website Land Economy is a multi-disciplinary degree covering a wide array of subjects whilst focussing on the central themes of Law, Economics and Geography. The department is relatively small, consisting of around 50 undergraduates per year group, giving you a better opportunity to get to know students from different colleges compared to other, larger, subjects.

What about the Land Economy course at Cambridge appealed to you? The course combines four very different aspects; law, economics, maths and the environment to give you a solid foundation of knowledge that will make you incredibly employable by the time you graduate.

How have you found the structure of the course? Whilst everyone studies the same four compulsory modules in the first year, you are able to specialise in the second year, choosing five of seven different papers.

This allows you to effectively create your own degree, studying higher level and more specialised topics in the areas you find most interesting. Will Selwyn College, 1st year The faculty is a row of terraced houses located on Silver Street, adjacent to the main lecture theatre on Mill Lane. The Mill Lane lecture theatre doubles as a library, containing multiple copies of all the books required for the course.

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Having the main department library so close to lectures is very convenient, allowing access to lecture and supervision readings given out in lectures. The system of lectures and supervisions, as well as having a director of studies provides an effective feedback and tracking mechanism as the course progresses.

Fitzwilliam college cambridge land economy essay

Supervisions reinforce knowledge gained in lectures and from further readings, whilst having a director of studies provides a means of communication for any problems regarding the course. What types of work do you have to do? Will Selwyn College, 1st year As Land Economy is such a diverse course the work set for each of your supervisions can vary significantly.

Whilst the majority of work is essay based, the nature of and the approach to answers varies between papers. Work for the Land, Environment and Structural change paper is almost entirely essay based with the structure and content of answers worked through fully in supervisions.

Law, on the other hand, consists of fairly short essays on a range of topics as well as questions based on legal concepts and cases for supervisions.

Economics, both the Macro and Micro papers, tends to require shorter answers including algebraic, graphical and descriptive analysis in answers. Lecturers and supervisors make students aware of readings required for lectures, supervisions and essays.

The nature of these readings depends on the paper and the lecturer or supervisor, but tends to consist of academic papers, textbooks and articles specific to the topic at hand. Do you have career plans? The course even exempts you be it fully or partially from having to gain qualifications for some professional bodies such as the Law Society, Bar Council and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

What about your course would you change? Typical timetable of a 1st year Land Economy student .Land Economy.

Title: Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, Essay Competition Details: This essay competition is intended for Lower Sixth Formers (year 12s), with no restrictions as to subjects being studied.

The word limit is words. Deadline: The closing date for entries is 1st April At the University of Cambridge, a Tripos (/ ˈ t r aɪ p ɒ s / (listen), plural 'Triposes') is any of the undergraduate examinations that qualify an undergraduate for a bachelor's degree or the courses taken by an undergraduate to prepare.

For example, an undergraduate studying mathematics is said to be reading for the Mathematical Tripos, whilst a student of English literature is reading.

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SOPHIE METCALFE WINS CAMBRIDGE COMPETITION. We were delighted to learn recently that Sophie Metcalfe was judged to be the winner of Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge’s Land Economy Essay competition. Lower Sixth former, Maddie Kelly (A), is celebrating after her entry in a Cambridge College’s essay competition was “highly commended”.

Maddie entered the Fitzwilliam College Land Economy Essay Competition after Mr Plowright, Master of Scholars, brought it to her attention. Pre-interview written assessments. The table below summarises the pre-interview written assessment required for each course for entry.

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