High altitude thesis

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High altitude thesis

The Cardiovascular System at High Altitude - Comprehensive Physiology

A new study, published in the open-access journal Frontiers in Physiology, High altitude thesis revealed that the incidence of Metabolic Syndrome could be linked to the altitude of where a person lives.

Metabolic syndrome is the medical term for the combination of high blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as excess body fat around the waist, and contributes to serious health problems.

High altitude thesis

This new research is the first to assess the link between living at high altitudes and the risk to initially healthy people developing all the criteria that make up the Metabolic Syndrome. While the reported increase in the Metabolic Syndrome is principally blamed on higher obesity rates, smoking and increasingly inactive lifestyles, less is known about the effect our environment may have on us.

Previous studies have suggested that people living at higher altitudes, where the body has to work harder to get the oxygen it needs, have noticeably fewer problems linked to the Metabolic Syndrome.

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The researchers used data from the Spanish SUN project, where participants have been voluntarily submitting information about their health twice-yearly since Information from thousands of initially healthy participants were used to investigate the development of Metabolic Syndrome in relation to the altitude of where they lived.

The results were quite clear — the higher the altitude, the less likely you were of developing Metabolic Syndrome. While the findings of the study appear simple, there were lots of factors to consider and the limitations of the study have been highlighted by the authors.

For instance, the self-reporting of data can suffer problems, whereby people over-report more socially acceptable information. All the participants were graduate students, implying they have a higher educational level than the general population.

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While they have been shown to be better at self-reporting data, they typically have a different diet and levels of physical activity. It is hoped this research will open up new avenues for understanding the health benefits of high altitude living.

Castells, University of Navarra.ii ABSTRACT A Thesis on Utilizing High Altitude Platforms (HAPs) to Provide Wireless Communication Coverage to Close Coverage Gaps – Case Study: Providing UMTS.

CONCLUSION: A single high-altitude training bout prior to 1 week of low-altitude training improves subsequent aerobic performance and arterial O 2 saturation at high-altitude, while a single bout performed 2 weeks prior to testing is ineffective.

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EXPERIMENTAL STUDY - HIGH ALTITUDE FORCED CONVECTIVE COOLING OF ELECTROMECHANICAL ACTUATION SYSTEMS Thesis Submitted to The School of Engineering of the. A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Anthropology Boise State University May Recent high altitude archaeological research has provided evidence for seasonal utilization of high mountain landscapes during .


The target detected at a high altitude would be lost at certain altitudes while a vehicle descends; however, a small visual target cannot be recognized at high altitude. Second, the errors of the measurements are highly nonlinear and non-Gaussian due to the discrete pixel space, conversion from the pixel to physical units, the complex camera.

The hillside we started our ascension from was rather sloping, in the beginning. This side of the mountain was covered with a pine forest. The trees were incredibly high and thick; their knotted large roots cut the ground here and there, forming natural footsteps, making walking the terrain a little bit easier.

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