Ji li jiang

This autobiographical book tells the story of the author's struggle and daily life in China as they experienced the cultural revolution. The novel is relatable to students, especially in an emotional moment where Ji Li is forced to choose between wanting to please Mao's communist officials and her allegiance to her family and father. Her choices result in additional suffering for her and her family. The book is a useful teaching tool at a variety of ability levels.

Ji li jiang

She is the oldest of three children and lived in Shang-hai with her parents and grandmother. Ji-li was always at the top of her class but she soons finds out that her class status will determine her fate.

Ji-li must decide whether to be faithful to her family or her friends and the Cultural Revolution. Her long deceased grandfather was once a landlord, therefore her family is considered a Black Family.

Ji li jiang

Her class status and the fact that her father was considered a rightist and later detainedkeeps Ji-li from being able to become a Red Guard. Ji-li Jiang published her first book, Red Scarf Girl, in She told about how her family survived the Cultural Revolution in China from Her family faced many struggles, including several house invasions by the Red Guards and her father being detained.

She Ji li jiang her family and neighbors punished for a past they could not change.

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The experiences Ji-li encountered were different than what most twelve year olds were experiences at this time. Eventually Ji-li graduated from Shanghai Teacher's College and worked as a science teacher in Shanghai. Ji-li moved to the United States in Inshe co-founded East West Exchange and inshe started a nonprofit organization, Cultural Exchange International.

Her family is also residing in the United States at this time. Ji-li now visits schools to discuss her life experiences. Begin by having students research their past and where their grandparents and great grandparents came from.

If students are comfortable, have them share their experiences with the class. Discuss how one's past may have led them to where they are now. Assign vocabulary words, located at the back of the book, to individual or groups of students.

Have students spend time defining each word and presenting it to the class. They can make a poster about the word, act out the word, or present examples of the word.

Each day have the class add to a timeline created of Ji-li's life.

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Post time line in the classroom for all to refer to. Choose specific scenes from the book and have students act out those scenes from the book. Ask students to create a da-zi- bao that they may have made, if they were living in China at this time.

Have students reflect on how Ji-li's class status prevented her from pursuing her dream to be a Red Guard- have a debate as to whether or not this was fair.

Write a journal entry in Ji-li's diary as to how she felt after her father was detained. How difficult do you feel it was for Ji-li to make the decisions she made about her family, friends, and herself? What emotions do you feel Ji-li is going through?

What emotions are you experiencing as you read this book? Discuss how the Cultural Revolution changed people's views. Was this right or wrong?Red Scarf Girl brings us with Ji-Li as she grows up in the height of China's cultur What most of us have neglected to do is explore how valid our opinions are.

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Ji-Li Jiang's memoir was written for children, and because she is a teacher her book is very accessible for most elementary school-age kids/5.

Cultural Revolution propaganda poster. It depicts Mao Zedong, above a group of soldiers from the People's Liberation kaja-net.com caption says, "The Chinese People's Liberation Army is the great school of Mao Zedong Thought.".

Twelve-year-old Ji-li Jiang has brains, friends, and a bright future. Then Mao Zedong launches China's infamous Cultural Revolution. Soon school is suspended and students are getting caught up in the fervor of Mao's extreme politics.

Ji-li Jiang was born in Shanghai, China, in She graduated from Shanghai Teachers' College and Shanghai University and was a science teacher before she came to the United States in /5(3).

May 27,  · kaja-net.com Tells us her story of the Cultural Revolution when Chairman Mao ZeDong was dictator of china Back then it was really sad so sad that even she herse. Ji-Li is considered a hero to me because she had the guts to stand up for what she believed in, even though she was fooled for years that the way they were treated was the right way and that it was the best.

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