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Opening[ edit ] The Mad Money set from to Cramer usually starts his shows saying this, or an alternative version of this phrase after opening credits: His voice inflection often changes from calm to shouting then back to a calm tone. Cramer also throws various objects around the set. Whenever one of his books is mentioned by a caller, he grabs the book, flashes it, and tosses it to the floor as a plug gag.

Keri nightly business report

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Impressed by the grand, sweeping cinematography, it still influences his work today. It was here Blake did his first simple hikes, which stirred his love for the mountains.

He earned the rank of Eagle Scout at age It aired on PBS television stations across upstate New York and was released on DVD, receiving much acclaim from scouts and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Blake went on to intern at a PBS-affiliated station where he was a crew member for several other documentaries.

keri nightly business report

The film provides an introduction to the men and women of the Adirondack 46ers Club, a group that supports the hiking of the high peaks in summer and winter from places such as Mount Marcy, the place from which Director Blake Cortright drew inspiration for the film.

Check out these behind-the-scenes photos below! They were initially met by fierce winds and thick clouds atop the mountain, but after a short wait, the clouds blew away revealing blue skies and an incredible view of the Adirondacks and Lake Placid.

The production crew coordinated with a group of hikers and filmed them as they summited the peak. They captured the iconic shot of a hiker looking out over the landscape, this was the image which Director Blake Cortright saw in his head when he first thought of making a documentary about the High Peaks.

Crew in the photo from right to left: Blake Cortright [L] directs a group of hikers near the summit of Whiteface Mountain in July, after staging the film crew with the camera crane further up the peak.

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Throughout production, the film crew would be accompanied or followed by a group of hikers who patiently waited during the stop-and-start rhythm of production. The camera crew would hurry ahead of the hikers, who waited out of sight further up or down the trail, set up their cameras as Blake would direct the hikers and camera crew.

Once the shot was complete, sometimes after multiple takes, the camera crew would pack up and once again hurry ahead of the hiking group.

Though not every shoot followed this rhythm, the camera crew became increasingly efficient which each hike and managed to capture some incredible images under difficult shooting conditions. Tony proved to be a wealth of information, stories, and personality.

Crew on location not pictured: In March ofafter two years of collaboration on the music of The 46ers, Composer Justin Michael Brittain [L] and Director Blake Cortright [R] met for a formal spotting session on the fine cut of the documentary.

They previewed the entire movie, taking notes all along the way, then proceeded to re-watch multiple sections of the documentary throughout the day making more detailed notes and discussing the musical world of the film. Justin would frequently play melodies and motifs on the guitar to explore the musical themes which would come to shape The 46ers.

Though countless hours of work lay ahead, Blake and Justin concluded the spotting session feeling confident in the direction of the musical score and Justin began the long process scoring and refining the music. From the moment Blake imagined a film about the High Peaks, he imaged cinematic aerial video of the region.

For the initial promotional pieces used for crowdfunding in January,the crew had made use of stock footage, but the young director wanted something fresh which was more consistent with the imagery of the documentary. On an early September morning, that dream became a reality.


Blake met with aerial pilot Bruce Mowery and aerial cinematographer Gary Sears before sunrise in Fort Ann, NY to make final preparations for their morning flight. Blake snapped this shot of the helicopter set against the colors of sunrise shortly before the crew took flight.

They filmed in the morning and again around sunset, and the gorgeous images they captured are some of the most iconic in a film already full of beautiful cinematography.

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keri nightly business report

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Must be resourceful and creative in helping to deliver the program’s message, including. After conducting multiple interviews, including with Smiley, PBS said that it “invoked its contractual right to suspend distribution of his show, ‘Tavis Smiley,’ ‘for any reason.'”.

Maryland Public Television (MPT) is a not-for-profit, state-licensed public television network which serves the state of Maryland, plus Washington, D.C. and part of Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

The station has won awards ranging from television Emmys for its quality.

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