Problems facing college students

Print Starting university is like starting a new life. When students leave home for university, they embark on a new journey, one that of self-reliance and self-discovery, which largely shapes up their outlook on life in the longer run. Most students are not prepared for the challenges of university and end up being overwhelmed, which results in them taking extra time to adjust to their new life.

Problems facing college students

Everything is different — the food, the people and the living accommodations. Even though most students eventually get used to these new things without a problem, the first few weeks of college can create a stressful environment.

This is true even if you are truly excited about the changes. Remember that even positive changes can induce stress. There is also a change in the support environment. This can be tough to adjust to, especially during those first few months. Academic Demands and Test Anxiety This may be the most common long-term cause of stress for college students.

For some Problems facing college students, college is the first time they are academically challenged. If high school was a breeze for you, college may be the first time you get a low grade on a test. Consequently, test anxiety may be experienced for the first time or with increased intensity.

Test anxiety is anxiety that usually comes before or during the taking of tests. The symptoms can be physical and mental and usually inhibit your ability to perform as well as you otherwise could.

Ways to manage or reduce the anxiety include: Study as much as you can. By studying as much as you can, you can reduce this fear. Try to mimic test taking conditions. It might be taking practice tests, studying in the same classroom or building where you will be taking the test or doing practice problems under timed conditions.

These steps can help familiarize you to otherwise unfamiliar test taking conditions. Learn to study more effectively. Find ways to calm down. What cools you down? Squeezing a stress ball? Whatever relaxation technique you choose can help reduce the symptoms of text anxiety. Eat well and eat properly.

For example, too much caffeine can exacerbate the physical symptoms of test anxiety. The more clear-headed you are, the less anxious you will feel.

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Exercise can release tension, and the less tension you feel as you go into the test, the better off you might be. Make sure you have plenty of time.

Problems facing college students

No need to add more worry about being late and having less time to take the test as a result of unexpected traffic or a test location change.Free speech has officially failed. Reports are pouring in that the politically-correct politics surrounding the term ‘white privilege’ are gaining traction at many universities.

Plenty of professors at various colleges across the nation are confronting students with racial and ethnic issues, and. Look for Scholarship Programs to Finance College Expenses.

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Paying for college places families in the financial hot-seat. Tuition, books, residence hall room and board, enrollment fees and other ancillary expenses associated with higher education add-up quickly at . Challenges in College There are many “issues” commonly experienced by students in college that can sometimes pose major challenges to study, play, socializing, and living.

In the following, some of these challenges are identified and described, and suggestions are provided for further exploring or managing them. Course materials, exam information, and professional development opportunities for AP teachers and coordinators.

Aug 29,  · For more than 15 years, I have redirected my academic career away from economic history, labor economics, and public finance towards the . Depression. Depression among college students comes in many forms and, in a survey conducted by the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors in , % of college students reported they experienced some level of depression.

According to the study, depression is the number one reason students drop out of .

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