Sun and fun and devonshire street w 1 by john betjeman essay

His father, John Dickens, a clerk in the navy pay office, with a salary of 80l. The wife of the first Lord Houghton told Mr.

Sun and fun and devonshire street w 1 by john betjeman essay

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Saturday, 3 May The Ghost Stories of E F Benson The dinner table has been cleared, the servants dismissed for the night and the remnants of the party assembled for a few days shooting or fishing gather round the dying embers of the fire for a last cigar and perhaps one more whisky.

The wind will almost certainly be rattling the shutters and the trees tapping on the window. Inevitably, the conversation turns to ghost stories and again inevitably, at least one of the party will have a story to tell.

The ladies having long retired to bed, no detail, however horrific, need be omitted - standard preamble to many a fictional ghost story and a setting instantly familiar to many of the protagonists in the ghost stories of E F Benson and, of course, to their author.

However his stories have continued to be plundered by anthologists for the last seventy years or so although it took until for his collected ghost stories to appear in a single volume. M R James would go on to produce four collections of ghost stories in his lifetime, as would Benson. They would remain friends for the rest of their lives.

Uniquely amongst his four volumes of ghost stories, 'The Room in the Tower' contains a short preface. Here the author summarises his reasons for writing them: For this is the avowed object of ghost-stories and such tales as deal with the dim unseen forces which occasionally and perturbingly make themselves manifest.

The author therefore fervently wishes his readers a few uncomfortable moments. Each story is relatively short, between 7 and 18 pages long in the collected edition, obviously intended for reading in a single sitting.

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Such a length precludes the detailed character development found, for example, in Henry James and Walter de la Mare or the extended landscape descriptions found in writers such as Algernon Blackwood and Arthur Machen. However, the strictures Benson placed on himself ensure a concise and rounded story with little distraction from the main effect.

It may also be noted that many of the stories were first published in popular magazines such as Pearsons and Hutchinsons, the stories sometimes being illustrated, notably by Edmund Blampeid. Unfortunately, when the stories appeared in book form said illustrations were not included.

Clearly for a magazine appearance short stories had to be written to the length allowed by the editor. This is not to say that Benson was incapable of writing on ghosts and the supernatural in longer works and several of his novels, for example 'The Luck of the Vails' and 'David Blaize', have occult or supernatural content.

Clearly, both were evidence of an interest in occult and supernatural forces that was shared by many of his contemporaries, notably Arthur Conan Doyle, another prolific author of supernatural stories.

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However, he astonishes the group by speaking through her. This is perhaps the most humorous of the stories and is written with a light touch, with none of the atmosphere of impending catastrophe usually prevalent in the stories.

Sun and fun and devonshire street w 1 by john betjeman essay

Famously, E F Benson reported seeing the ghost of a man in the garden of his home at Lamb House, Rye, the Vicar of Rye also being present on this occasion and corroborating the sighting.

For a house formerly occupied by Henry James, Lamb House was clearly maintaining a ghostly tradition. Perhaps they reflected a belief that there were questions of human experience and perception to which science alone could not provide the answers; or perhaps imaginary horrors provided some measure of escape from the all too real horrors of mechanized twentieth century warfare.

Benson, following his exposure to the readings of M R James and his own experience at Lamb House, had clearly thought about how best to write ghost - The Academy of American Poets is the largest membership-based nonprofit organization fostering an appreciation for contemporary poetry and supporting American poets.

80 Clerk (John). An Essay on Naval Tactics, Systematical and Historical, 2nd edition, Edinburgh: for Archd. Dorset by Paul Nash, Cornwall by John Betjeman (1st edition & 2nd edition The Six Wives of Henry Vii Essay The six wives of Henry Henry descended from John of Gaunt, Comparative essay between 'Sun and Fun' and 'Devonshire Street W.1' by John Betjeman.

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Sun and fun and devonshire street w 1 by john betjeman essay

Mar 14,  · 'The Fairies of English Poetry.' Among lectures delivered by Knight at this time was one on 'The Fairies of English Poetry,' before the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society, of which he was the President, on the 7th of April,

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