Television being a bad influence

So it was unusual and reassuring this week to find two headlines that were broadly positive about telly. And the outgoing chief executive of Ofcom, Ed Richards, told a parliamentary committee — summarising research published by the body this summer — that viewers have become more tolerant of swearing and violence but more sensitive to racism. Both of these developments contradict the stereotypical stance of stories on these subjects. For example, in many areas of culture, the influence of television is depressingly conservative:

Television being a bad influence

Most Popular Is watching TV really bad for kids? It depends on how much and what kind of TV. There are certainly plenty of wonderful TV shows for kids of all ages -- and if you're choosing high-quality, age-appropriate programs, minimizing exposure to advertising, and making sure kids have plenty of active and social time, you shouldn't feel guilty about letting them watch some TV.

Despite the advent of digital media, TV viewing on a TV set still makes up nearly half of all screen time for kids 0 to 8. Here are the key things to consider when it comes to kids and TV: A constantly running TV can interfere with parent-child interactions, which kids need for healthy development.

A kid with a TV in the bedroom watches a lot more TV and is exposed to more age-inappropriate content than a kid who doesn't have a TV in his or her bedroom.

Parents who watch a lot of TV. Kids pick up their parents' habits — and end up watching more adult shows. Kids under 7 can't distinguish between make-believe and reality, which makes them especially vulnerable to advertising. Overexposure to images of violence, sex, and alcohol and to harsh language not only can influence kids' behavior; it also can have a long-lasting emotional impact.

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Television Quotes. Quotes tagged as "television" (showing of ) influence, media, representations, responsibility, television What is happening here is that television is altering the meaning of 'being informed' by creating a species of information that might properly be called disinformation.

Television being a bad influence

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Why is watching TV so bad for you? Sometimes it seems as though everything that's enjoyable in life is bad for your health, and television is no exception. you are being . Home > Opinions > Entertainment > Is television a bad influence on children?

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Is television a bad influence on children? Kids watch far too much television. Kids watch murders and violence on television very frequently this desensitizes them to violence and our schools are being filled with more and more .

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