The marketing mix of avon company essay

This brand is now a global leader with massive growth and high revenues. Being the world's largest direct seller, Avon has captured a large market in more than hundred countries with millions of the sales representatives across the globe. The product line of Avon is quite large in spatial extent; it includes beauty products, fashion jewellery, clothing etc. This idea of business was initiated by David McConnell from newyork.

The marketing mix of avon company essay

The Coca Cola advertisement failure in the Gulf where the advertiser failed to recognize the linguistic difference in between English and Arabic Arabic is read from right to left was a great learning lesson for marketers. Demographical changes as a result of globalization and rapid growth rates have led to newer segments in the market who have customized needs.

For example, the tele-worker was not heard of 20 years ago. And today, tele-working is amongst the fastest growing professions across the globe — this has created a demand-supply gap which firms have yet to meet by offering customized products.

Thus marketing departments have to understand the changing demographics and then accordingly plan for newer innovations, products and services. Financial situations have always been core limiting factors. Right from the problems of funding to liquidity and credit issues, firms are faced with expansion and payback dilemmas if the environment is very unstable and economically not viable.

Examples include shaky economic conditions in Kenya and Philippines leading to several companies maintaining The marketing mix of avon company essay status quo and not going for innovative ideas so as to conserve their profits.

Political instability and turmoil are national level circumstances which can only be avoided once they occur. Predictions in this regard are hardly accurate and something to be depended upon given the pace at which situations submerge. However, political forces result in the greatest deterioration of inventories and lost sales for firms Czerwonka, Some of the inherent values of a culture with respect to the region, geography, tradition or music cannot be eliminated.

The failure to realize such natural elements of a culture or sub-culture are failures on part of the marketers, who are entrusted with the responsibilities of screening out their target markets efficiently.


It is therefore imperative to procure the smallest of information regarding natural elements that exist and position products and services in an accordingly appropriate manner. Customer demands are the main fulfillment necessity of the producers and the firm tries its best to achieve the target to get away all the technological factors of the product and meet consumer demands.

These are the major reasons why growing firms are unable to reach out to their customers on time and in the desired quantities. Machinery and automation are the main reasons why companies have been able to progress over years and yet still are striving hard to achieve.

Outline the steps in the marketing research process. The activities which are linked and their process is aimed as extracting the information the general population keeps about the product or on a specific segment of the consumers said to be marketing research.

Marketing research is not specific to new product launches only. In fact, marketing research can be applied and is used in a variety of situations including: The stages in the marketing research process are as follows: Identification of the research problem The basic problem, which is occurring, should be actually identified.

Poor marketers fail to realize the difference and end up in identifying the symptom as the research problem. Thus all their research is continued on the symptoms and the actual reason is ignored.

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The research problem should be identified and the factors which are the reasons for the decline of the sales should be identified. Similarly, the research carried out should focus on the root problems and the root problems are tried to be virtually eliminated.

Developing the approach for the marketing research This is the step taken in the need of the formation of an approach of studding. These are made keeping into view the mission and existing policies of the company.

Many companies have a pre- defined marketing research approach t that involve many practices with a deemed nature and consider them to be the best and not to revolve their policies. Developing the plan for the marketing research After sorting the research problem and the approach have been planned, the next step is to draft a comprehensive research plan and outlining the instruments used in the research along with the details for the target market, the sampling considerations, assumptions and the other factors which play an important role in shaping the results of the research.

Field Data gathering Using the research plan and the research instruments, the data is then captured from the targeted area of the consumption of the product therefore; honesty, accuracy and politeness with an expectation of a high no-response rate are the demands of this job which should be administered to loyal and honest professionals.

Data Filtering, Statistical Analysis The data collected will not be entirely free from errors, biases and extreme answers. The data will have to be filtered out and then be used for screening and statistical analysis purposes.

Reporting and Conclusions After the analysis has been performed and completed, appropriate conclusions and actions have to be taken on the outcomes of the results. These conclusions can only be made if the samples selected reflect the target market proportionately and if the research methodology was carried out accurately and honestly.

Describe the adoption and diffusion process for new product. Purchasing of an entirely new product and get used to the functions of it is not a very fast process.

People consume time for changing their life styles according to the new innovations. Each product adoption goes through the following processes: Awareness Advertisements are one of the main sources of giving awareness to the people about the product which is going to be launched in the market before hand.COMPONENT OF THE MARKETING MIX [25] A Marketing Mix is the combination of product offerings used to reach a target market for the organization (Assael, H., Reed, P.

and Patton, M. ()). The marketing mix comprises the . Marketing Mix XXXXXXXXXXXXX MKT/ October 16, XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Marketing Mix The Marketing Mix Marketing mix is a general phrase used to describe the different kinds of choices organizations have to make in the whole process of bringing a product or service to market.

Marketing Mix Paper Piña MKT/ June 6, Carlyn Carmichael Marketing Mix Paper To achieve the marketing objectives the strategy must include different elements – that is the different parts of the marketing mix.

Singh, Sonoo // Marketing Week;9/28/, Vol. 23 Issue 35, p Reports on Avon's to update its image for the 21st century. Company's launch of a glossy magazine; Radical rethink of the company's sales strategy; Avon's decision to sell its products through the retail sector in the United States.

Door-to-door in Guangzhou. Avon's Marketing Strategy in International Markets Essay - Avon's Marketing Strategy in International Markets 1/ Which actors in Avon's microenvironment and forces in the macro environment have been important in shaping its marketing strategies.

The marketing mix of avon company essay

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