The risks and measures to take while participating in contact sports

Thus, the initial assessment of a closed head injury should include mental status testing, a thorough neurologic examination including funduscopy and an evaluation for physical signs of a skull fracture e. The risk of subsequent neurologic deterioration is low in previously healthy children and adolescents who appear neurologically normal after a closed head injury with loss of consciousness, if any, lasting less than one minute. Children and adolescents with nonspecific signs such as headache, vomiting or lethargy, as well as those who may have experienced loss of consciousness or an impact seizure, may be more likely to have intracranial injury than those without such signs. Neurologically normal patients with a normal CT scan are at low risk for subsequent neurologic deterioration.

The risks and measures to take while participating in contact sports

Posted on December 28, by Scott Alexander [Previously in series: This is all preliminary and you should not take it as a reason to change successful medical care. None of this necessarily applies to your particular case and you should talk to your doctor if you have questions about that. A few lucky people can do these things ten hours a day, every day, with a smile.

The risks and measures to take while participating in contact sports

The rest of us start fidgeting and checking our cell phone somewhere around the thirty minute mark. How come this is so hard for him, when all of his colleagues can work so diligently? Psychiatric guidelines are very clear on this point: Attention is the same way.

There is a vast literature trying to disprove this. From Prescription stimulants in individuals with and without attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: It has never been established that the cognitive effects of stimulant drugs are central to their therapeutic utility.

In fact, although ADHD medications are effective for the behavioral components of the disorder, little information exists concerning their effects on cognition…stimulant drugs do improve the ability even without ADHD to focus and pay attention.

I cannot tell you how much literature there is trying to convince you that Adderall will not help healthy people, nor how consistently college students disprove every word of it every finals season. We could still have a principled definition of ADHD. There are whole websites for this: There are people like that.

And how many patients genuinely in need of treatment do I want to risk accidentally rejecting just so I can be sure of thwarting you? Think about how wasteful all of this is. We throw people in jail for using Adderall without a prescription.

Jennifer Montana urges mouth guard use

We expel them from colleges. We fight an expensive and bloody War on Drugs to prevent non-prescription-holders from getting Adderall. We create a system in which poor people need to stretch their limited resources to make it to a psychiatrist so they can be prescribed Adderall, in which people without health insurance can never get it at all, in which DEA agents occasionally bust down the doors of medical practices giving out Adderall illegally.

Trust me, no matter how unsuitable a candidate you are, no matter how bad a liar you are, somewhere there is a psychiatrist who will give you Adderall. Somebody should do an anthropological study on this, but my preliminary observations: Some people will demand multiple evaluation sessions, lots of laboratory tests, make a patient tell them their whole life story.

And after learning that they had a bad relationship with their stepfather in 8th grade and still have sexual hangups over that time they ejaculated prematurely with Sally one time in freshman year, the psychiatrist will give the patient Adderall and feel good about it.

I have been guilty of all of these at one time or another. I still wrestle with these issues a lot. Her doctor gave her a list of things she had to do before he would give her Adderall, and she — having ADHD — got distracted and never did any of them.

What about good old consequentialism? Trying to discover the risks of Adderall is a kind of ridiculous journey. The second agenda tries to encourage parents to get their kids treated for ADHD by insisting Adderall is completely safe and anyone saying otherwise is an irresponsible fearmonger.

But what if you are the doctor, trying to decide who to prescribe it to? All they tell you in medical school is to give it to the people who actually have ADHD — which, I repeat, is kind of meaningless.if a seizure occurs while participating Team sports You should be able to take part in sports such as rugby, football and hockey provided safety measures are taken, e.g.

wearing head protection. However, • Don’t take unnecessary risks – think twice about swimming in the sea, lakes. Hepatitis A is a viral infection transmitted through contaminated food and water or by direct contact with an infectious person. Symptoms are often mild or absent in young children, but the disease becomes more serious with advancing age.

While business risks are abound, and their consequences can be destructive, there are ways and means to insure against them, to prevent them and to minimize their damage if and when they occur.

Collision and contact sports have higher injury rates. Mouth guards should be worn in all contact sports. Specifically, baseball, soccer, basketball and football account for about 80% of all sports-related emergency room visits for children between 5 and 14 years .

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Participation in contact sports, including football, ice hockey, soccer, boxing, lacrosse, wrestling and basketball, carries a risk of mild traumatic brain injury, or concussion.

Sports Injuries on the Rise