Typhoon ondoy personal story

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Typhoon ondoy personal story

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Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) Hits the Philippines (Part 2) | Virtual Education

The Cainta-Pasig-Rizal area is where our life is. We lived, worked and played there. When Ondoy fell, it literally did so at the center of our lives. Our families are okay but the stories from our Cainta site are overwhelming: One pregnant employee started to contract and was rescued from the site by the Philippine National Police.

Typhoon ondoy personal story

HC is doing everything they can to reach these people but they are overwhelmed a major understatement. One person said that the area around Cainta looks like a war zone.

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Mud covers buildings up to 6m high. Our transport provider lost 20 vans when flood waters swept them away. These 50, plus some stranded at home, are doing all they can to find out where the other are and how they can help. Networking sites are buzzing with TeleTech employees giving each other updates and comfort.

The Philippines is deeply spiritual so your prayers are worth as much as any donation. Please reach out and help in any way you can: You can drop off these items at the following sites phone numbers at the end: Fortuna Street Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu 63 32 TeleTech Building Dumaguete Business Park South Road, Calindagan Dumaguete City, Oriental Negros 63 35 Monetary donations — cash or check donations made payable to TeleTech and given to their local Human Capital Director will be put into a fund to purchase items like food, clothes, blankets, and other relief goods which will go to TeleTech employees and their families in need.

Tax-charitable donations — donations can be sent to the International Red Cross relief fund at http: Donations made in this account will generally go to individuals affected by the typhoon and would not necessarily go directly to TeleTech employees.This personal account of Antipolo Project Coordinator Malou Navio’s experience during Typhoon Ondoy (also called Ketsana) just arrived.

Typhoon Ondoy | Essay Example

Malou said the staff has . After Typhoon Ketsana and Typhoon Parma, the government of Japan has given the Philippines a Pbillion ( billion yen) grant to improve the country's weather monitoring and information dissemination system.

Typhoon ondoy personal story

Oct 09,  · This is a video I made for school about the typhoon Ondoy (this might make u cry). (Photo by MARIANNE BERMUDEZ) Sixteen more bodies believed to be victims of typhoon “Ondoy” were recovered in Metro Manila and nearby provinces on Tuesday, bringing the unofficial death tally from the devastating flood to more than according to the Manila Bulletin tally.

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