Unit 1 p3 tesco

I will be explaining two different businesses that what their purposes are, what kind ownership are they and what is the type of their business.

Unit 1 p3 tesco

The 8th Century Northumbrian chronicler Bede referred to the spot on which today's town is sited upon as "the place where deer come to drink", and in this period the Headland was named by the Angles as Heruteu Stag Island.

Unit 1 p3 tesco

At the beginning of the 11th Century the name had evolved into Herterpol, and post Norman Conquest the name of the village sited there evolved in Middle English as: Hart-le-pool "The Pool of the Stags".

The monument at Eston Nab can be seen, beyond the far side of the Tees Bay, to the south. Beginning[ edit ] Christ Church was built from materials excavated to build the new docks during the industrial revolution, and intended to satisfy the spiritual needs of the new workforce.

It is now Hartlepool's art gallery and visitor centre.

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After the Roman Empire abandoned its province of Britannia in the early 5th Century, its North-Eastern sea coast began to be piratically raided by the Angles from across the North Sea in Scandinavia.

They subsequently began crossing the North Sea and settled in the area, creating the Kingdom of Northumbria. The monastery became powerful under St Hildawho served as its abbess from — A. The Abbey fell into decline with the loss of Northumbrian power in the early 8th Century, and it was probably destroyed during a sea raid by Vikings on Hartlepool in the 9th Century.

William the Conqueror subsequently ordered the construction of Durham Castleand the villages under their rule were mentioned in records in when Robert de Brus, 1st Lord of Annandale became Lord of Hartness. The town's first charter was received beforefor which it gained its first mayor, an annual two-week fair and a weekly market.

The main industry of the town at this time was fishing, and Hartlepool in this period established itself as one of the primary ports upon England's Eastern coast. Angered, King Edward I confiscated the title to Hartlepool, and began to improve the town's military defences in expectation of war.

Early Modern Era[ edit ] Hartlepool was once again militarily occupied by a Scottish incursion, this time in alliance with the Parliamentary Army during the English Civil Warwhich after 18 months was relieved by an English Parliamentarian garrison.

A look at the 7 motivational theorists, what they said about motivating staff and applying their theories to Tesco Unit P3 Motivational Theories and how Tesco uses them by Marco Belim on Prezi Create Explore Learn & support. Unit 9: P1 Bassit Khan Introduction: In this assignment I will describe the promotional mix used by two selected organizations i.e. McDonalds and Tesco for a selected product/service. 1. At the Recreation Ground: Why not bring your vintage vehicle to the Recreation Ground, Seaburn on August Bank Holiday Monday? We regret that due to the number of entrants we are now unable to accept any entries for cars which were registered after

During the Crimean War two coastal batteries were constructed close together in the town to guard against the threat of seaborne attacks from the Imperial Russian Navythey were entitled the Lighthouse Battery and the Heugh Battery The poet Thomas Gray visited the town in July to "take the waters", and wrote to his friend Dr.

I am delighted with the place; there are the finest walks and rocks and caverns. They live on the refuse of their own fish-market, with a few potatoes, and a reasonable quantity of Geneva [gin] six days in the week, and I have nowhere seen a taller, more robust or healthy race: Nobody dies but of drowning or old-age: In the council and Board of Trade decided that the town needed new industry, so the decision was made to propose a new railway to make Hartlepool a coal port, shipping out minerals from the Durham coalfield.

It was in this endeavour that Isambard Kingdom Brunel visited the town in Decemberand wrote: Went to the top of the church tower for a view.

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Further south again, in the Stockton and Darlington Railway had extended into the new port of Middlesbrough. But Jackson became frustrated at the planning restrictions placed on the old Hartlepool dock and surrounding area for access, so bought land which was mainly sand dunes to the south-west, and established West Hartlepool.

Because Jackson was so successful at shipping coal from West Hartlepool through his West Hartlepool Dock and Railway Company and, as technology developed, ships grew in size and scale, the new town would eventually dwarf the old town.For seven days in Tesco sold g punnets of strawberries at £, reducing them to £ for a further week before marking them as half price at £ for a further 14 weeks.

The promotion was a breach of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations Act , which bars retailers from running a promotion for longer than the. Business Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma Unit 2 P4 and P5.

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Quarterly past performance figures as at 30 September For pension plans originally purchased from Sun Life Financial of Canada Fund managers: ASI – ASI Aberdeen Standard Investment, GSAM – Goldman Sachs Asset Management, MFS – MFS Investment Management, SLF U.K.

– Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (U.K.) Limited, SLGI – Sun Life Global Investors. Essay Unit 11 Task 1 P1 P2 P3. Unit 11 – Task 1 P1: Physical: Physical abuse is a type of abuse when someone is being physically harmed by another/group of person/people. It is an aggressive behaviour that results in another person having physical injuries.

Unit 1 - The business environment Learners new to the studying of business will already be familiar with organisations through having dealt with them as customers or employees.

Unit 1 p3 tesco

One of the aims of this unit is to help learners to build on these experiences and learn to ‘walk in the shoes’ of owners, stakeholders and managers of organisations. (P3) Deadline: Friday Oct 28th Briefly state what the purpose of an organisational structure is.

Look at an example of an organisational chart for TESCO from this link.

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