Write about ahmed zewail

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Write about ahmed zewail

write about ahmed zewail

Zewail Biographical On the banks of the Nile, the Rosetta branch, I lived an enjoyable childhood in the City of Disuq, which is the home of the famous mosque, Sidi Ibrahim. In retrospect, it is remarkable that my childhood origins were flanked by two great places — Rosetta, the city where the famous Stone was discovered, and Alexandria, write about ahmed zewail home of ancient learning.

I am the only son in a family of three sisters and two loving parents. My father was liked and respected by the city community — he was helpful, cheerful and very much enjoyed his life. He worked for the government and also had his own business. My mother, a good-natured, contented person, devoted all her life to her children and, in particular, to me.

Although our immediate family is small, the Zewails are well known in Damanhur. My father did live to see that day, but a dear uncle did not. Uncle Rizk was special in my boyhood years and I learned much from him — an appreciation for critical analyses, an enjoyment of music, and of intermingling with the masses and intellectuals alike; he was respected for his wisdom, financially well-to-do, and self-educated.

Culturally, my interests were focused — reading, music, some sports and playing backgammon. The great singer Um Kulthum actually named Kawkab Elsharq — a superstar of the East had a major influence on my appreciation of music.

During all of my study years in Egypt, the music of this unique figure gave me a special happiness, and her voice was often in the background while I was studying mathematics, chemistry… etc.

After three decades I still have the same feeling and passion for her music. In America, the only music I have been able to appreciate on this level is classical, and some jazz. Reading was and still is my real joy. As a boy it was clear that my inclinations were toward the physical sciences. Mathematics, mechanics, and chemistry were among the fields that gave me a special satisfaction.

This characteristic has persisted from the beginning of my life.

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In my teens, I recall feeling a thrill when I solved a difficult problem in mechanics, for instance, considering all of the tricky operational forces of a car going uphill or downhill.

It provides laboratory phenomena which, as a boy, I wanted to reproduce and understand. I still remember this vividly, not only for the science, but also for the danger of burning down our house! It is not clear why I developed this attraction to science at such an early stage. After finishing high school, I applied to universities.

Ahmed Zewail - Wikipedia

In Egypt, you send your application to a central Bureau Maktab El Tansiqand according to your grades, you are assigned a university, hopefully on your list of choice. In the sixties, Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Science were tops.

I was admitted to Alexandria University and to the faculty of science. At the time, I did not know the depth of this feeling, and, if accepted to another faculty, I probably would not have insisted on the faculty of science.

But this passion for science became evident on the first day I went to the campus in Maharem Bek with my uncle — I had tears in my eyes as I felt the greatness of the university and the sacredness of its atmosphere. My grades throughout the next four years reflected this special passion.

In the first year, I took four courses, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and geology, and my grades were either excellent or very good. This was a tenured position, guaranteeing a faculty appointment at the University.

Through this experience I discovered an affinity and enjoyment of explaining science and natural phenomena in the clearest and simplest way. The students or more enriched this sense with the appreciation they expressed. At the age of 21, as a Moeid, I believed that behind every universal phenomenon there must be beauty and simplicity in its description.(L-R): Maha Bali, Dr.

Ahmed H. Zewail, Khaled Harras, Provost Tim Sullivan ()Selection Criteria and Eligibility. A professor recalls how her personal encounters with Ahmed Zewail, the Nobel-Prize winning Egyptian scientist who died yesterday, have changed her life. Inspiring Youth: A Personal Tribute to Ahmed Zewail Maha Bali / 03 Aug which I am sure many others can write about.

My tribute is personal, because my relationship with him was. @source: ISAAC ASIMOV @qu:"The concept of the chemical bond is one of the great unifying ideas in science. This historic volume brings us the contributions of a glittering array of stars How fortunate we are that Ahmed Zewail has brought together into this volume nine inspiring articles by authors renown for their authority and clarity.

Ahmad and Ahmed; Pronunciation / ˈ ɑː Old Syriac, and Philoxenian versions all write the name of John in the form Yuhanan, not in the Greek form Yuhannis.. Accordingly to find a text of the Gospels from which Ibn Ishaq could have drawn his quotation we must look for a version which differs from all others in displaying these.

Jan 26,  · View a glimpse of life at Zewail City and achievements made by our professors and students during the year Ahmed Zewail’s main work was as a pioneer and a leader on femtochemistry – an area of physical chemistry that studies the chemical reactions that occur in just a matter of femtoseconds.

The timescales are incredibly small – one femtosecond is a millionth of a billionth of a second.

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