Writing a shape poems

To find examples, look for the books on the Shape Poems Booklist at your local library. Talk about the kinds of words and shapes the authors use and the topics they write about.

Writing a shape poems

Let the wild wind erect bonbonbonanzas; junipers affect all cuckolded creation in a madcap crown of horn! Topic For a shape poem, keep the topic simple. Much easier to write a poem about fish that looks like a fish than to write a poem about world peace that looks like world peace.

So either start with something you want to write about or start with a shape you want to fill.

writing a shape poems

Free-Write I always say free-write. Get a page and fill it. Remove the filter from your thoughts and disengage the muffler on your brain. Dump out everything you think and feel about your topic. For the purpose of a shape poem, free-write particularly on synonyms.

If you say the fish is as blue as the sky, consider other words for blue and other similes to describe the fish.

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Think about longer and shorter words with the same meaning. Line Endings Because your shape will dictate where you lines end, using these endings right is very important.

Use strong enjambments, end-stops and caesuras. Not sure what they are? End with strong words just like you would with any other poem. You still need great words arranged with power.

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Rhythm Your shape will also dictate a rhythm. A diamond shaped poem will start with a short line, gradually grow longer and longer before shrinking back to a short line. Make sure this music works for your poem. Take all the bits and pieces from your free-write and compose the long and short ones just the right way.

Hopefully you can mess with the order of your lines without disturbing the story. Scan the stresses in your first draft to see if the beats are building the right song. Making it Fit The most challenging part is shaping a quality poem to fill your mold.

This is where you want to have copious amounts of material from your free write. A line too short? Replace a word with a longer synonym.

Challenging Yourself

Squeeze in another image. You also can play with sentence structure and grammar to make things fit. All the artist does is remove the extra material. Over-write the poem then shrink each line until it fits your shape. Trim the diction back to its fundamental muscles.

Better to tighten than to add flab. Games Back in elementary school, I remember our teacher asking us to tear a piece of paper, making sure the edge was wavy and ragged. Then we were challenged to write a poem to fit the irregular shape of paper.A shape poem is a poem that takes on the shape of the thing you're writing about.

So, if you wanted to write a poem about an apple, you could write it inside of the outline of an apple, or you kaja-net.com Year 3 English - writing a shape poem lesson plan and other resources: writing a shape poem lesson plan.

- writing a shape poem prompt sheets. - writing a shape poem success criteria. There is a PDF of all of the files and an editable version of each file (you just need to delete the watermark logo from each of the editable files).kaja-net.com Theme Poems - kaja-net.com  · Shape Poems.

Browse, share, and read examples of Shapes. See a comprehensive literary definition of a Shape. Analyze the correct poetic form and technique while accessing a list of poems, rules, and related kaja-net.com://kaja-net.com At its best, poetry should both delight and teach.

For decades, teachers have used shape poems, now often called theme poems, to introduce students to reading and writing poetry.

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While theme or shape poems are generally taught at the elementary and secondary levels, examples from canonical English poetry also kaja-net.com://kaja-net.com A shape poem is a poem that describes an object and is written in the shape of that object.

It is sometimes called a concrete poem or calligram too. It is sometimes called a .

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