Writing your website content

Interested in becoming a guest blogger for OpenVine? Click here to get started. Website content creation is an art form all its own because unlike print materials, web visitors prefer to skim the text.

Writing your website content

The decision-makers gather around the conference table and begin brainstorming. Have visitors tell us their budget and how soon they intend to make a purchase. If not, you should be. The best websites are customer-centric. They let the customer see the real you, which then builds trust.

Or, put another way, what are you selling and why is it right for me NOW?

9 Simple Tips for Writing Persuasive Web Content

Here are 15 tried and proven tips to help make your website successful: Start with a clear navigation. Organize your pages into logically-named categories and use standard terms on your menu. Despite what your high school English teacher may have thought, nobody wants to read text that sounds like a term paper.

And a friendly, informal tone is better than stiff, corporate-speak. Provide all the relevant information. Studies show information-rich websites are the most effective in converting visitors into serious prospects.

Leave out the hype. They expect honesty and transparency. They crave facts so they can make an educated decision. Place all your cards on the table and let visitors draw their own conclusions.

9 Tips for Writing Great Business Website Content

Make your home page a to-the-point summary. Since your home page is the most common entrance to your website, it should describe how customers will benefit from your content, products, or services.

Create unique landing pages for specific topics. While you might want everyone to come through the front door, the home page of your website, that might not be the best strategy. A more targeted approach is to create landing pages that speak to specific subjects.

Landing pages convert at a higher rate than do home pages. Let pictures help tell your story. Stock photos are pretty, but do they tell visitors about the real you? You can use them in some places on your site to help break up what would otherwise be a copy-heavy page, but when it comes to products and people, real photos work best.

Explain why your company is uniquely qualified to provide its products or services. Consider dedicating a page to testimonials or case studies.

writing your website content

These third-party endorsements hold weight. Customers buy from companies they trust. Keep your website up to date. Continually update your site, add to it and remove any information that is obsolete. If the good information is buried, your visitor might never find it.

Use a straightforward layout.You can’t write your words, you can’t compose your sentences, you can create your bullet points, without considering how your web page will look.

writing your website content

The visual appeal of your website impacts the readability of your text; and influences whether web visitors can quickly get what you’re about. Here’s how I approach writing home pages whether a site has a total of ten pages or a thousand pages. 1.

Use your principal home page headline to communicate your site’s underlying value proposition. This is job one. When first-time visitors arrive at your site, they have a .

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